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O God, we begin in Thy name, Thou art most compassionate and merciful. O God of the Universe! We pray Thee for Thy help. Lead us kindly light. Guide us in our work on the right path. Let us not go the way of the wicked. O God, give us the courage to tread the path of the righteous and shun the evil. O God, help us to serve and defend our country. JAI HIND.

Welcome To The Past Students Association

The Past Students Association ( PSA as it is known ) came into existence on 17th February 1968 under the guidance of Mr. Vishnu Bhagwat, who felt a need for a PSA similar to the ones those existed of other leading schools in Poona then. Jamshed Musa and Sushma Vaidya ( now Ramratnam ) were the Honorary Secretaries of the Association.

The membership fees then was a mere Rs. 5.00. The first get together had 25 past students attending a picnic to Lonavala on 1st September 1968. Thereafter for a few years there was minimal activity though Mr. Jamshed Musa continued to be associated with the PSA and tried reaching as many past students possible, making them members and inviting them for the get together in December. He was briefly assisted by Dr. Mohan Paranjpe and Mohan Patankar and some others. Gradually this became a regular annual feature on the 2nd Sunday of December which is being followed till date.

Originally started as N M S O S A (National Model School Old Students Association) now is known as Dr. E N N S P S A (Dr. Erin Nosh Nagarvala School Past Student Association).

The P S A always had the advice of our Late Prin. N. D. Nagarvala as one of its main objectives. ” To help and assist the present and past students to excel in further studies and building their career”. And the PSA has till date lived to his advice.

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